Rainshower Next Generation Icon

Rainshower Next Generation Icon

The ultimate style statement.

Offered in a palette of12 colours, the GROHE Rainshower® Icon Showers arean easy and quick way to renovate a bathroom. They takethe award-winning halo-shaped design of Rainshower®Icon to the next level. Why stick with convention when youcan have a design that is truly inspirational? A design thatchallenges the norm and takes a fresh look at how peopleinteract with their showers. Moreover, we’ve incorporatedwater-saving technology right at your fingertips so you canswitch from the Rain Spray pattern to Smart Rain – the sameexciting pattern but with a soft, reduced flow. It’s as simpleas sliding the EcoButton on the handle to reduce waterconsumption by 40%.

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Colour and fun for the bathroom. A creative variant of themultiple award-winning, ring-shaped GROHE Rainshower®Icon hand shower, this florally inspired collection makes itperfectly easy to conjure up a cheerful atmosphere in yourbathroom. With six fresh colour schemes to choose from, allpreferences are catered for and there is a suitable model toaccentuate any existing bathroom décor.

Whatever the floral arrangement, all Rainshower® FlowerCollection models will pamper the skin with the same softraindrops as all other Rainshower® variants benefiting fromGROHE DreamSpray® technology. They also share theGROHE StarLight® chrome finish, which means that theywill retain their sheen for many years.

Rainshower® Flower Collection – the perfect hand showersfor all those who want to add a little colour to their day.

Rainshower® WaterColours Spring Collection

Rainshower WaterColours Пролетна колекция

Предлагайки палитра от шест цвята, Пролетната Колекция GROHE Rainshower® WaterColours е бърз и лесен начин да реновирате банята си. Колекцията GROHE Rainshower® WaterColours отвежда отличавания с награди дизайн на Rainshower® Icon на следващо ниво. Прецизната изработка на душа и технологията GROHE DreamSpray® гарантират мощна струя, която да разкрие пълния потенциал на струята Rain.

Rainshower® WaterColours Natural Collection

Rainshower WaterColours Природна Колекция

Природната колекция GROHE Rainshower® WaterColours е новият прочит на отличаваната с награди GROHE Rainshower® Icon. От ефирен мрамор до замъглени каменни плочи, внимателно сме подбрали палитра от шест натурални цвята, които допълват популярни архитектурни материали и ще ви помогнат да създадете хармоничен интериор в банята.

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