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Rapid SL за WC

38528001 - Rapid SL за WC
38528001 - Rapid SL за WC
Product Number 38528001
EAN 4005176863943

Product Description

Казанче GD2
Височина на елемента 1,13 m
За монтаж в сухи стени и пред стена
Носеща стоманена рамка,
прахово боядисана
Подходяща за облицовка с гипскартон
Фиксирани входна и изходна гарнитури
Възможност за регулиране
във височина
Крепежни елементи
TUV сертификат
Два крепежни болта за конзолна
тоалетна чиния
Крепежи за керамика
WC ceramics with small bearing area (less than 205 mm)
require additional accessory 38 779 000
Разстояние между болтовете 180/230 mm
Изходна тръба Ø 90 mm
с възможност
за регулиране в дълбочина
Редуктор Ø 90/110 mm
Входна и изходна гарнитура
Казанче GD 2, 6- 9L
Фабрична настройка 3-6L
Изпразващ пневматичен механизъм с две
функции: 2 степени и старт/стоп механизъм
Захранване с вода отляво, отдясно и отзад
Шумоизолиpaщ клас I
Изолация против конденз
Интрегриран ъглов спирателен кран 1/2"
Не са необходими допълнителни инструменти
за монтаж на ревизионната кутия
За вертикален или хоризонтален монтаж
Без планки за монтаж пред стена

за монтаж на малки бутони моля поръчайте ревизионна шахта 40 911 000 (продава се отделно)

Product Highlights

Sound transmission to adjoining rooms minimized with GROHE Whisper noise control

Thanks to low-noise fittings and decoupled piping, the GROHE Whisper technology prevents any sound transmission to adjoining rooms, leaving the other occupants of the house undisturbed. Undercutting the standard requirement of 24 dB(A), this system's low noise level of only 21 dB(A) was confirmed by Germany's renowned Fraunhofer research organization. The Rapid SL stud wall installation even reached a low-noise record of 14 dB(A).

Reduce your water consumption by up to 50% with GROHE EcoJoy and pay a smaller utility bill

The GROHE EcoJoy flush technology reduces your water consumption by up to 50%. The dual flush system provides two buttons, allowing you to select a flush volume of either 3 or 6 litres (or 3 and 4.5 litres, depending on the ceramic body). Using the small button on the flush plate, it is also possible to stop a full flush prematurely.

Reduced installation time thanks to GROHE QuickFix

The GROHE QuickFix concept ensures flexibility and ease of installation, cutting installation time significantly. The Rapid SL system scored top marks in a practical test carried out by Germany's REFA association, outperforming competitors by up to 155% with respect to the time taken to complete the installation.

Rapid SL installation systems with Safety feature are safe for loads of over 400 kg

Safety is the name of the game with your GROHE installation system. The dimensional stability and load-bearing capacity of the steel frames were tested and the Rapid SL installation systems for wall-hung toilets and basins were certified to hold over 400 kg and up to 150 kg, respectively.

Quick and tool-free connection of water supply, flexible hose and inspection shaft

Connecting the system is super easy with our ToolFree concept: no tools are needed to connect water supply, flexible hose and inspection shaft.

SpareFlush: additional flush volume for an effective flush, even with old plumbing

Flushing a toilet effectively can be a challenge in buildings with old plumbing. The SpareFlush system provides a solution to this problem: in addition to the regular 6-litre flush volume (or 4.5 depending on the ceramic body), it provides an extra volume of 3 litres, ensuring an effective flush, even with old plumbing.

Pneumatic hose easy to plug onto flush plate and drain valve with EasyConnect

Connecting drain valve and flush plate is super easy with our EasyConnect system. No need for tedious measuring or cutting the hose down to the right length. The pneumatic hose simply plugs onto the other elements. Smart and easy.

Quick and easy water connection with VarioPort

Save time with a VarioPort water connection: irrespective of position of the supply pipe, the supply hose can be attached at four points: front, rear, left or right.

Universal base plate to match all flush plates

The universal base plate matches all our flush plates, allowing you to choose from over 130 attractive designs. All flush plates can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, even without tools, as the inspection shaft can be installed both ways.

Easy installation with a single drain valve for all flush modes

With a single drain valve for all flush modes – single or dual flush, start-stop technology – mounting the installation system is simple and hassle-free, leaving no room for mistakes.

Technical Data & Care Instructions

Spare Parts

Pos.-nr. Prod. description Order-nr.
Optional accessories
1 Threaded bolt, 2 pcs. for Uniset 4276400M
2 Входно - изходна гарнитура за тоалетна 37311K00
2.1 Basin fastening 43511SH0
2.2 Connector 37119000
3 Изходяща тръба DN 90 42327000
4 Reducer 42242000
5 Support for outlend bend 42243000
6 Inspection shaft 66791000
7 Пълнещ вентил 37095000
7.1 Lever 43734000
7.1.1 Seal 4377000M
7.2 Valve head 43536000
7.3 Мембрана 4375800M
7.4 Screw cap 43735000
7.5 Valve float, 5 pcs. 4379100M
7.6 Dummy plug and escutcheon cap 37125000
7.7 Compression nut 43258000
7.8 Throttle 42356000
7.9 Set of seals 43722000*
8 Support device 42246000
9 Мека връзка 42233000
9.1 Sealing washer 0319100M
10 Затварящ механизъм 42385000
11 Изпразващ вентил AV1 42320000
11.1 Extension for overflow pipe 42313000
11.2 Pneumatic hose 42319000
11.3 Seal 42310000
12 Valve seat for GD2 42315000
13 Стенни планки за монтаж на Rapid SL 3855800M*
14 Rapid SL монтажен винкел 38733000*
15 Шумоизолиращ комплект 37131000*
16 GROHE Fresh - рамка 38796000*
17 4,5 l адаптор за GD2 42333000*
18 Аксесоар 38779000*
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