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GROHE Blue Home Комплект с U- чучур

31543000 - GROHE Blue Home Комплект с U- чучур
31543000 - GROHE Blue Home Комплект с U- чучур
  • хром
Product Number 31543000
EAN 4005176437052

Product Description

Състои се от:
GROHE Blue кухненски смесител с филтър
Еднодупков монтаж
U- чучур

бутон за 3 вида филтрирана и охладена трапезна вода

филтрирана, газирана и силно газирана
GROHE StarLight - хром
GROHE SilkMove 28 mm керамичен картуш
Издърпващ се аератор
Подвижен тръбен чучур
Възможност за завъртане на 360°
Разделено преминаване на филтрираната
и нефилтрираната вода
Меки връзки
Grohe Blue Home охладител
Доставя 3 l. охладена вода на час
Охладител 180 Watt, 230 V, 50 Hz
Тип защита IP 21
CE маркировка
необходими отвори за вентилация на дъното на кухненския шкаф
възможност за настройване на софтуера и следене на капацитета на СО2 филтъра чрез мобилното приложение GROHE Ondus
с Bluetooth 4.0* и WIFI интерфейс за безжична обмяна на данни
За устройства на Apple** или Android
Обхвата на Bluetooth (10 м) варира в
зависимост от използваните материали
и стени между предавател и приемник
Може да се регулира за филтри GROHE Blue
с размер S, GROHE Blue филтър с активен
въглен и GROHE Blue филтър с магнезии
GROHE Blue филтър, размер, филтърна
глава с регулиране твърдостта на водата

за региони с твърдост на водата над 9° dKH

за региони с твърдост на водата под 9° dKH моля поръчайте активен карбонов филтер 40 547 001

GROHE Blue 425 g CO2 бутилка
Изисквания за операционна
система Apple
iPhone with iOS 9.0 or higher
Изисквания за операционна
система Android
smart phone with Android 4.3 or higher
Mobile devices and GROHE Ondus App*** are not included in delivery and have to be ordered separately via an authorised Apple store/store/iTunes or Google Play store.
* The Bluetooth марката и логото са търговски марки собственост на Bluetooth SIG, Inc. и всяко използване на марките от Grohe AG лицензирано.
** Apple, логото Apple, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone и iTunes са търговски марки на Apple Inc., регистрирани в Америка и в др. страни. Apple не носи отговорност за фукциите на това устройство и съответните му принадлежности, отностно изискванията за безопасност.
*** Може да се изтегли безплатно от
iTunes или Google Play.

This product includes an article which is declarated as a hazardous substance. Find more information in the safety data sheet. You can download the safety data at: www.grohe.com/safety-data-sheets/
да се използва с възвратен клапан ЕА, одобрен от Belgaqua

Product Highlights

GROHE Blue – pure lime-free water with a fresh taste

GROHE Blue turns ordinary tap water into a pure, soft table water that is perfectly safe to drink and has a wonderful taste optimized by the smart filter technology. GROHE Blue water not only tastes great by itself – you will also notice that it gives your tea and coffee a richer and more refined flavor. With lime filtered out of the water, it is ideal for home appliances like kettles, egg cookers, coffee machines and irons.

The GROHE Blue filter safely removes undesirable substances that could cause odor or affect the taste of your water

With its 5-phase filter technology, the GROHE Blue filter purifies your tap water, giving it a fresh refined taste. As water passes through the filter, undesirable substances such as chlorine that could cause odor or affect its taste are removed. The fine particulate filter retains even the tiniest particles, leaving nothing but pure water with a great fresh taste. The filter also extracts heavy metals and reduces the lime content of the water significantly. Changing the water filter is quick and hassle-free, ensuring a reliable supply of fresh, lime-free water straight from your tap.

GROHE Blue Home Duo delivers filtered and standard tap water

Two in one! Replacing your regular tap with GROHE Blue Duo gives you the choice of drinking ordinary tap water of filtered water of unbeatable quality and taste. It also has a handy high spout that is ideal for filling tall carafes with delicious table water. To guarantee perfect purity, separate inner water ways ensure the normal tap water and filtered water never come into contact.

GROHE Blue Home cooler – the compact way to cool, carbonate and filter tap water

It’s time to chill, filter and carbonate your tap water with the slimline GROHE Blue Home cooler which fits neatly into even the smallest under-sink cabinet. With no external piping it’s extra easy to fit as no new connections are necessary. A digital display, which tells you how much filter capacity you have left, makes changing your filter settings easy – and the filter and CO2 can be replaced in no time. With low energy consumption and a 5 litre per hour capacity, this innovative tap means you never have to wait for perfect drinking water again. Dimensions: w20 x d50 x h44cm.

LED push button for easy water selection

With GROHE Blue Home you can now control your choice of tap water with the same ease you operate your smartphone. Opt for filtered water by simply pushing the innovative LED button. Then press the still water icon (the LED displays blue) or the sparkling water icon (the LED turns green). For semi-sparkling water simply press one icon and then the other. The LED also tells you when the filter and CO2 bottle need replacing.

No pipes needed so filtered water in no time

Why wait to enjoy deliciously pure drinking water at home when you can install your GROHE Blue Home system in half an hour? It only takes a few simple steps to fit and all the components you need are included in the kit.

Mobile device app to manage connected GROHE products

A user-friendly app that gives you complete control over all your connected GROHE products. Using intelligent cloud-based technology, the GROHE ONDUS app for iOS and Android guarantees maximum water enjoyment and safety.

Pull-out spray head for easy washing and rinsing

More flexibility in your kitchen: the pull-out spray head offers you a bigger operating radius, letting you fill pots, wash vegetables or rinse off dishes easily, and reaching into all corners of your basin.

High spout for easy filling of large pots

Easy cleaning of big pots: with this high spout, your GROHE tap will master any challenge in the kitchen. GROHE products are perfectly suited to your needs and all the requirement of your home – for your ultimate comfort.

150° swivel range: smooth turn without collisions

Super functional for all your daily chores: the spout swivels smoothly in a 150° radius, giving you full operating control and preventing it from colliding with any surrounding cupboards or walls.

GROHE SilkMove cartridge technology for smooth handling

This premium tap comes with a continuously variable water temperature and volume adjustment technology, ensuring effortless lever operation even after years of use.

Easy to clean thanks to the GROHE StarLight chrome coating

Just wipe the tap down with a dry cloth – the ultra smooth surface finish is scratch resistant and ensures a lasting luminous sheen. You'll save plenty of time cleaning while your tap always looks shiny and new.

Technical Data & Care Instructions

Spare Parts

Pos.-nr. Prod. description Order-nr.
Optional accessories
1 Lever 46957000
2 Cap 46581000
3 Fitting ring 07419000
4 Cartridge 46580000
5 Pull out spray 48380000
5.1 Mousseur 48379000
6 Operating unit 46958000
7 Hose for pull-out shower 48378000
8 Dirt strainer 47576000
9 Quick coupling 46315000
10 Cooler 40711001
11 Filter head 48344000
12 Filter S-Size 40404001
13 Starter kit 425 g CO2 bottles (4 pieces) 40422000
14 Glass carafe 40405000*
15 Activated carbon filter 40547001*
16 Filter 40575001*
17 Magnesium+ filter 40691001*
18 Cleaning cartridge 40434001*
19 Cleaning cartridge adapter 40694000*
20 Extension set 40843000*

GROHE Blue Faucets

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